Asia’s First Interactive Book on Working with Youth

Youth Lenses is Asia’s first interactive book on working with young people. It is an interactive book for parents, youth work practitioners, educators and youth volunteers to:

  1. Examine the importance of how we look at problems presented to us
  2. Challenge the idea that we need a foolproof solution
  3. Highlight the need for creativity and curiosity when we interact with youths
  4. Explore small, tangible steps to see a different outcome

This book is written based on my youth work experience for the past two decades, specializing in working with children and youths in the community. Enjoy this book which draws from my work starting as a caseworker overseeing individuals, families and programmes till today where I’m heading the Youth Service of REACH Community Services Society (Singapore).

Be prepared to immerse yourself into a world of possibilities, ideas and see a different outcome for yourself today with young people.