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I am a ICF credentialed Youth Life Coach who specializes in supporting families and young people who are at different crossroads and transitions.

I also train and provide professional support to other professionals, tapping into more than 20 years of youth work experience to look at the challenges of youth with a different perspective.

With my background and experience in social work, coaching and passion in various sports, I hope to journey with you towards your “ikigai”, discovering your reason for being!

I am also an entrepreneur and a practicing martial artist, incorporating the different elements and experiences into my practice.



My Theory of Change with Clients (adapted from Steve De Shazer)

This is my theory of change of how I work with my clients in general. The approach is largely influenced by the Solution Focused Approach where I believe that we always need to start with where the client is, and we go in to listen in a very intentional manner for specific areas. And after I picked up the different ideas and processed it, I will then zoom in and work with it according to the goals and outcome of what the client and family is working towards. From here, we will then start to build and create solutions and actionable steps together with the client. At all times, these actions and solutions will come from the client rather than prescribed by me which will then lead to ownership and accountability.

Through my years of working with different youths and parents, I have always found this way of working enjoyable for everyone including myself because its respectful and it also acknowledges the client as the true expert of their situations and life.



Youth Power Series

Want to get FREE nuggets of tips and ideas in working with young people differently? Check out my Youth Power series here! Ten short clips for parents, educators, youth work professionals and mentors, filled with practical suggestions where you can reflect and apply TODAY!

Watch Complete Series Here

Acekids Learning App for Families

Make Learning Fun with AceKids

AceKids provides an engaging platform for parents to foster a love for learning in their children. Through interactive quizzes, it encourages continuous education while allowing parents to monitor progress. This collaborative approach enhances bonding and ensures a stress-free, enjoyable learning environment. The benefits include progress tracking, improved academic performance, and balanced educational screen time.

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Supervision has helped me explore what strengths and weaknesses I have in my work. And it also helped to explore my plans and goals in the next season.

Lee Huiyi. Senior Social Worker. REACH Community Services Society

Patience, Genuine, Humble

3 words that describe my youth experience with Joe.

Joe is a role model and a lifetime mentor to how I’m leading my life today.


Joe is a good listener and I have received a lot of valuable insight from him. He has given a lot of practical feedback, leaving me with something to work on after each session. With his rich experience in youth work, he understands what I am going through and is able to lift my perspective on youth work as a whole!

Elysia Lee, Project Lead, CARE Singapore

Joe is a grounded leader in his area of expertise. He walks the talk, and impacts the people around him.


Joe Chan is without question one of the top Solution Focused Approach practitioners in this region. Expect nothing less than 5 stars experience with him!

Derrick Lau, Head of Youth Service. REACH Community Services Society

Joe has been a very helpful friend since I met him years back. He made me a better person and even helped me with my scholarship for my studies.



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