The Magical U is a game system designed and built for children and young people. It is made of colourful cards along with some words under different categories. In my experience in the use of the cards, it is very suitable for young people and even adults who need some prompt and tools like this to get them started in sharing their inner thoughts and views.

And because it is a game, it is not at all threatening because the way the game was designed to be played and facilitated is in a fun tone! So this is perfect for all kinds of settings where we can use our creativity and fun to bridge the gap with our young people.

In terms of integration of our own approaches and modalities, that’s where I particularly like the flexibility where I can incorporate the Solution Focused Approach in this. As the name of the game suggests, it is about empowering our clients to discover the side of them and bring about that “magic” through the facilitation and interaction. By entering into a partnership and holding an inquisitive mindset, we invite our young people into that space to co-create their realities and step forward towards many possibilities.

So if you are curious and interested in finding more about this, do drop me an email at There are ongoing regular sharing and demonstration sessions which I would love to invite you to understand more about this wonderful tool!