It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post! I’ve been through lots of transitions and changes in the last few months in my life, family and professionally. Am excited to share and update you about some of these changes here.

  1. Location

The first major change is the location of where we are living now as a family. Together with my wife and kids, we have relocated over to Chiang Mai Thailand since Dec 2023! Currently we are living in a beautiful compound where we have our own garden, pond, fitness corner and even a well!

And while we continue to be based here in Chiang Mai, I do travel back to Singapore to engage in coaching, trainings and workshops. But for each trip that I take, I will be very focused in what I need to achieve so that I can be back to Chiang Mai as soon as possible.

  1. Kids’ Education

The next change for us was to enroll our 2 kids into an international school where its UK based system while they continue to work towards their Cambridge O levels. Seeing them navigate through a whole new schooling environment with new friends, teachers and subjects was really something that we definitely are concerned about. But I’m glad that they are adjusting well and most importantly to embrace education and learning in a different way today.

  1. Routine

Another big change for me is that I started to pick up training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Self – Défense at Core Combat Chiang Mai. Currently, I’m training up to 6 times a week. And these sessions spread over the week from Monday till Friday while I continue to engage in my other coaching and training engagements.

  1. Future

While I will continue to maintain my engagements and connections with Singapore, I am definitely exploring opportunities outside of Singapore right now. I believe that there is so much more to learn and grow into both personally and professionally. But having said that, I will still continue to look out for opportunities in Singapore to train and coach and will come back on a planned basis.

  1. My professional focus

Going forward, I will continue to focus on deepening my coaching practice holistically encompassing body, mind and soul. My emphasis and focus will still be on supporting families and young people. And during this period, I will further explore creative and interesting solutions tapping into the new experiences and connections that I gain during this period in Thailand.

  1. The Fproject Initiative

Currently, together with my wife, we started an initiative called the “Fproject” which represents “Freedom Project” where we hope to see more individuals and families discover their true freedom in life, health, wealth and relationships. We believe that many busy city folks and families often lack the time and space to look at the alternatives and options that they have today in order to make certain decisions for themselves. So we hope to see many more people being able to make better choices and decisions for themselves so that they can experience freedom for themselves today and not be trapped by any limitations.

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I hope to update everyone with more exciting projects and updates in the near future. Love to connect with you. Feel free to drop me an email at if you would like to explore any collaborations.