Dear Friends,

17.5 years at REACH Community Services Society! Finally, I’ve decided to pull the trigger and make a transition!

Starting from 15th Jan 2022, I will be starting on my new adventures for this year!

As I look back at all these years, I can only say that it’s the team that made this possible! Everyone in the team in big and small ways has definitely impacted me that I will remember forever.

So for all the friends and colleagues here, thank you for being part of my journey in my 1st job!

And where do I go from here? Well, here’s some updates!

1. I will be launching off to establish my private coaching practice with youth and parents. Ever since I got my coaching credentials in 2016, I have always felt that I can do so much more with coaching and see how I can integrate my experience in social work and therapy. Am excited about the different projects and platforms that are in the pipeline now!

So if you think there’s any possible collaboration, please let me know.

2. I will also be part-time with Singapore Youth For Christ (SYFC) where I will be working and mentoring different young people. Other than that, I will also have the chance to share my experience and expertise with the staff team there. For this opportunity, I am really grateful and also excited about seeing how I can contribute to many more young people.

Do feel free to drop me a note and connect.

Take care!

Joe Chan