This post is a description of my miracle picture of a community that I would like to live and grow old in. Feel free to chip in in any way possible to make it a reality!

I’ve spent more than two decades (including those years of volunteering) working with young people and their families. Initially, I have this thought and belief that I need to be really good in my craft and skills so that I can create the change and impact in those that I help. But as time goes by, I began to realize and learnt that our environment and context plays a much bigger role most of the time.

So as a result of that, I’ve begun to picture a place where I can build that consists of all the possible conditions for growth and wellness. In my own journey of fitness and wellness, I’ve definitely benefited much from taking a holistic approach to health. So in place, I would like to see how I can incorporate different practices and disciplines to harness the fullness of an integrative approach towards wellness. And over the years with the many individuals that I have worked with, I am beginning to see how often that when the system is “sick”, a lot of the efforts will be nullified in the end.

So because of this, I’m hoping to build this haven where holistic health practitioners can come together and offer their expertise to allow people to heal and as a result grow. Today in Singapore, where I come from, I find that many people have ceased to grow. We have become so fragile and shallow because we’ve got no time to focus on our being. And even when we are faced with distress and setbacks, we are just given a bandaid to fix it within 6 months and expected to move on with life (but actually its work). Over time, that’s where we start to see people snap and give up suddenly.

Therefore, I hope that this miracle picture of mine today is a call to other like-minded individuals. Hopefully, I can inspire and invite other fellow human beings to join me in building this haven together. I may not have all the resources today but I’m preparing. In my mind, I have a place (physical place) that I am considering. So please feel free to connect with me if you would to explore more together.

I believe one day I will reach there!