Hi everyone!

This will be my first post here on the subject of trading and investing. I know that this is something that you may not be able to draw the link and connection between what I do and this subject. But do bear with me and I will help you draw the link.

Late last year in Nov 2020, amidst the many online courses that I joined, this was one of those. I guess this is a side product of staying home more because of the pandemic! And as I signed up for a basic course to understand all about investing and the markets, it just totally blew my mind!

And here is the part that totally transformed my perspective about how investing can truly have an impact on our world and community today. In the many encounters and interactions that I have with many of the less fortunate, I’ve noticed that no amount of social aid and government interventions will and can make a difference to these families (even here in Singapore)! And pretty much all we end up doing is just to maintain social peace and order where we see these at the bottom get by. Well, of course, there are those extremes where they just simply slip through whatever social networks and support because our conventional methods of intervention and resources simply couldn’t cater enough to their needs and circumstances.

Well, if you are still reading up to this point, then here’s my personal revelation of why I believe investing and trading in the markets can transform not just us but the community as well.

  1. We cannot tell someone to manage their resources responsibly when they are in the first place under-resourced! There is just simply not enough to begin with unless we are happy and contented to tell them to eat 2 meals a day instead of 3? Consume canned food and instant noodles instead of freshly cooked food? Walk to work & school instead of taking public transport? I think you get my point!
  2. There are certain vocations and jobs today that simply don’t get pay any annual increment or bonuses and not to mention promotion. As a result, these people continue to earn the same wages over time. The issue of stagnated wages for certain jobs is also made worse with inflation. Today everything has gone up significantly in terms of costs and many of these are our basic essentials i.e. transportation, water, electricity, food, housing.
  3. With the little that they earn, compounded with the rising costs and inflation, the little that they have left might just be stored away possibly in the banks that pay pathetic interests and still charge fees for using their services. These individuals simply don’t have the access to knowledge and skills of other instruments of wealth creation!

There are definitely many other personal reasons that made me dive deep into acquiring this skill today. And since Nov 2020, I’ve not regretted a single day for taking this plunge! And yes, I’ve heard and met many well-meaning people that cautioned me about the possibility of losing money, getting burnt and getting scammed. But I am glad today that I’ve found a powerful community and an enlightened wealth coach to mentor in this area! From a complete newbie in Nov 2020, I’ve picked up the skills and knowledge of how to invest in cryptocurrencies, stocks and options today from Dr Clemen Chiang. In his programme, I’ve picked up a very unique way of trading and investing that I believe is very different from many out!

So today if you are thinking of learning more about this subject, I would personally recommend and vouch that this is one of the best programmes out there! Dr Clemen frequently runs webinars and workshops for all beginners just like myself. So feel free to check out his next class here.

Lastly, I would encourage everyone who is working with and helping others on the ground to rethink about how exactly are we breaking the poverty cycle for those trapped in it? Do you truly think and believe that all that we doing today is enough if we fail to address some of these underlying issues? I may be wrong but all I hope is that you would give it a serious thought.

The fate of your future and others lies in your hands today!

PS: Do look out for other posts in future on this subject!