Am sharing some thoughts after a visit to a family today.

Today it’s Christmas Day where everyone else is in a celebratory mood but it’s interesting to know that not everyone is experiencing the same thing.

What was interesting in the time spent with this family is that things and material stuff is not important. Many would imagine that these disadvantaged individuals would need more things but they don’t.

What I discovered is that the time spent with them was more valuable than anything else. Many of these individuals and families really got no where and no one to spend this season with. So in such a season, time is the most valuable gift that anyone can offer.

May you continue to look out for those who would benefit from your time spent with them which is the great gift of all time!

For those who aren’t familiar, this is what we call as “rental flat” here in Singapore. Many individuals and families living in these units are still trying to survive and make ends meet. While at least they have a shelter, it is still the constant emotional and mental stress that they are coping within a high-cost standard of living here in Singapore. 

From the conversation and interaction today, it is obvious that for many of these individuals and families, the mind is set on the here and now. They do not have the means and mental space to think ahead most of the time. Much of their attention is focused on getting through the day, the week and the month until their next paycheque arrives.

I do not know what feel about that but for me it is definitely not something that is easy to cope with in the long term. I can imagine the amount of mental stress that such families would have to go through. 

So if you ever get a chance next time to interact with someone who might be going through a similar situation, do spend a little bit more time and effort in understanding their experiences. Just by offering that space and time can be therapeutic in itself already for these individuals.