A common trend that I observe amongst city dwellers is that we often plan trips and vacations to take our family and children out of our own cities and spend a few days or even weeks. Sometimes these trips are just to take “break” and at the same time enjoy ourselves overseas. But inherently I believe some parents do intentionally want to take the chance to build closer bonds and relationships with their family children.

Actual reality vs intention??

Catching fishes, shrimps or simply walking through muddy ponds??? :p

Now let’s just say that you do hold to that intent of building a closer bond and connection with your child (assuming that there’s no existing issues and barriers to address) while on the trip, but sometimes we do forget or get distracted by the fun and thrills on the trip. And other times, we may even feel overwhelmed and stressed by all the logistics and arrangements that we have to do for the trip, especially for those families with young children.

But I believe that parents will always have the heart to try their best for their children and maybe this goes on for a few times until eventually the children are all grown up teenagers where it becomes really difficult to even drag them along for any family outings, let alone a family overseas trip!

Parents, yes, I do understand your heart and intent but it just isn’t working after a while. But what if you had some help to facilitate some parts of these trips and even have someone support you with some of the logistics arrangements from the moment you touch down at the airport overseas? Knowing that there is support and help so that you don’t have to bear all the load and stress of being responsible for your family and loved ones including all your valuables and belongings?

A new initiative that I am exploring in Chiang Mai Thailand now for families where I hope to be that family guide, coach, and facilitator to come alongside to assist you in achieving that preferred outcome for an overseas trip. I hope to plan family bonding sessions and outings for you along with offering individual or family coaching sessions. I’m not a tour guide but I aim to use all my years of experience in facilitating family bonding to do that for you here in Chiang Mai. Using all the wonderful options here in Chiang Mai from nature to outdoors to adventures, I believe there will be something suitable for all ages young or old!

So for a start, I’m extending this special initiative to 10 families and plan together with you for your Family Getaway @ Chiang Mai!

Family Getaway Package

A special initiative for families to capture their beautiful memories here in Chiang Mai!

Feel free to reach out to me for more details and I’m open to facilitating this even if it’s just for your family or perhaps a few families!

Remember that beautiful family memories can be built but you have to start today!