Hi Everyone!

In this post, I’m sharing with everyone some exciting options where you can increase your level of competency, knowledge and skill as you continue to interact with youth in various settings as a professional social worker, youth worker, mentor or parent! So do read on below to see what are the various upcoming opportunities for you to consider k!

Working with Youths, The Solution-Focused Way!


  1. The first option that I’m recommending is a training workshop that I’m co – training with Edwin Choy on working with youth using a Solution Focused Approach! In this two days workshop, not only will you get to hear our rich sharing from our experience of working with youth but you will get the chance to deep dive into the applications of this amazing approach with youth in the different settings! For 2 full days where you will get to access the both of us on a single platform, I really think that’s an invaluable opportunity that cannot be missed! And in case you miss it, the next time you get to have another chance is next year! So do drop Debbie Hogan an email at debbiehogan@sf-academy.com if you are able to join!
  • Date: 7 & 8th Nov 2022 (online)
  • Time: 9 – 5pm
  • Fees: $740/pax

Workshop on Youth Coaching

2. The 2nd option is a workshop on coaching youth for professionals, mentors, coaches and parents where I am invited to conduct this workshop by Blended Concept, a renown social enterprise! In this 2 days workshop, I will be sharing the main differences of adopting a coaching approach towards young people which is different from counseling, therapy and other modalities. So today if you are a professional in the field and you would like to consider a different perspective and approach to complement your toolbox, this 2 days will be so helpful for you! Or if you are a coach today who would like to explore specializing into this area of youth coaching and to get yourself sensitized towards working with this clientele group, this will be a great induction course for you! Do check out here for more details!

  • Date: 29th Nov & 1st Dec 2022
  • Time: 9 – 6pm
  • Venue: 11 Sims Drive, SCN Centre, #02-03 (S)387385 (in person)
  • Fees: WSQ funding available

ICF Youth Coach Training

3. The 3rd option is an exciting opportunity for those professionals who want to seriously pursue a coach training pathway leading towards professional accreditation and credentialing with International Coach Federation (ICF). I’m excited that starting this month November 2022, I will be part of the faculty at Youth Coaching Institute (YCI) co-training together with Dr Leah, Founder of YCI, delivering a 25-week coach training programme leading towards ICF credentials. This will be a fantastic opportunity for professionals who are seriously considering becoming a youth coach or at least incorporating into their toolbox this powerful approach in their work with youths. For those who would like just to experience shorter workshops, there are also other options available. So do check out YCI on their website today!


Youth Work Day 2022


4. Lastly, to wrap up the year, I’m honoured to announce that I am the Organizing Chair of a committee organising the Youth Work Day 2022 symposium under Youth Work Association Singapore! During this event, we will have many agencies, partners, professionals from the children and youth sector who will be joining us to celebrate this amazing day! We are excited to be supported by many distinguished guests and partners. There will be an array of masterclasses where we will touch on many current topics and needs that’s facing our young people today!

So do check it out and sign up today here!

  • Date: 11th Nov 2022
  • Time: 9 – 12pm
  • Venue: Blk 73 Music Box, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (in person)
  • Fee: FOC

So do join me in these different platforms and let’s end this year with a blast and let’s become better in how we interact with our young people! 🙂


Coach Joe Chan