I have been there and done that.

In my last 20 years, I have helped parents, teens and young adults in the following contexts:

✔ Parents, teens and young adults experiencing family conflicts and tension

✔ Parents facing challenges and difficulties in handling certain behaviours of their teens unacceptable by the family and society

✔ Parents undergoing transitions and changes due to loss of spouse from illness or separation

✔ Teens and young adults having brushes with the law for drugs, gangs and other crimes

✔ Teens and young adults facing lack of motivation for school and school refusal issues

✔ Troubled and concerned teens and young adults needing advice and inputs on career choice and course of studies

✔ Teens and young adults struggling with friendship, love relationship (not relationships) and emotional difficulties

✔ Teens and young adults who face confidence and self–esteem issues

✔ Teens and young adults with anxieties, depression (no comma) and mental health concerns

✔ Supporting and preparing young adults to discover their purpose and passion in employment

“Joe has been a very helpful friend since I met him years back. He made me a better person and even helped me with the scholarship for my studies.”

– Chan,


Are you feeling inadequate and stressed out as a young adult yourself or as a parent seeing your child grow up?

Many parents feel inadequate to properly handle and address some of the issues emerging over time as their child grows to become a young adult.

Those issues may have started as something small, yet over time they develop into habits, patterns and even mindsets.

More often than not, by the time we get to see the teens and parents, both parties are at their wit’s end or even “throat’s end”.

It doesn’t have to be this way. All it takes is to allow ourselves to work with a youth coach who can facilitate meaningful conversations, where we take time to create the space to move things forward constructively.

How can a coach like me help you with anything?

The coach is a trained and objective individual who is not enmeshed in your personal life, unlike someone you know personally.

Some of us turn to friends relatives and neighbours. It is unrealistic to expect someone who is a banker engineer or financial planner to know how to deal with issues a teen or young adult is going through.

Over the last 20 years, I have been actively learning from the best and continuing to upgrade myself. I have also curated various youth programmes using sports, mentoring and experiential activities.

Throughout this whole time, I have discovered that teens and young adults operate differently from middle-aged adults.

If you’re a young adult, you probably are action-oriented and don’t enjoy reflecting too much. You even think that some “negative behaviours” are okay and aren’t really a “problem”.

This is why I have learned the art of involving young adults like you in the process of creating solutions from your perspective.

Based on this process, I am also able to coach and model for parents, teens and young adults alike.

Throughout these years, I have witnessed thousands of young adults and families discover a new sense of hope and future for themselves and as a family.

“Patient. Genuine. Humble. These are the three words which describe my youth experience with Joe. He is a role model and a lifetime mentor to how I’m leading my life today.”

– Owen


Why would you want to work with me?

✔ You want a coach who is trained in assessments and interventions using evidence-based approaches and frameworks.

✔ I have over 20 years of experience and conducted more than 20,000 hours of field work with teens and young adults.

✔ I am trained in multi-disciplines in the area of youth work – social work, therapy and coaching. These different disciplines and approaches are complementary in my work with youths.

Are you still unsure if I can help you or your child?

Here are my formal credentials and experiences with youths and parents:

Pioneered and grew the Youth Service of REACH Community Services Society (Singapore), establishing a larger community outreach through a youth centre called “REACH Youth Powerhouse” in Bukit Batok West Avenue 4, Singapore

Author of “Youth Lenses: Viewing Young People From A Different Perspective”, Asia’s first interactive book on working with youths

✔ Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (Social Work) and a Registered Social Worker with the Singapore Association of Social Workers

Master Solution-Focused Practitioner with International Alliance of Solution-Focused Teaching Institutes

Professional Certified Coach with International Coach Federation

✔ Certified User of EQ-i 2.0 to assess and coach individuals to improve in their Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

✔ One of the 15 Appointed Youth Work Mentors under the National Youth Work Mentorship Scheme in Singapore

✔ Involved and contributed in the committees of Youth Work Association Singapore, Mentoring Alliance Singapore, International Coach Federation Singapore Chapter and Singapore University of Social Sciences (Programme Advisory Committee of Graduate Diploma in Professional Life-Coaching)

Media interviews with The Straits Times, Channel NewsAsia, CNA938 Radio and Mediacorp Singapore Channel 5

Professional presentation on research projects done related to youth developmental perspectives locally and overseas

“Joe is a grounded leader in his area of expertise. He walks the talk, and impacts the people around him.”

– Yap


Are you concerned about privacy & confidentiality?

Let’s be honest.

We live in a typical Asian society where we care a lot about face and pride.

The very act of calling up somewhere and going down to speak to someone about your private issues can be very scary.

There are concerns about privacy and confidentiality. That’s where I offer my coaching sessions at your premise (only for Chiang Mai or Singapore) or at another conducive space.

What if my child doesn’t want to see you?

One of the unique features of working with young people is that we need to first be where they are before they are willing to meet us halfway. I’m not going to do hard sell to them. I have my own ways.

Thus I am flexible and able to meet you and/or your child at any setting or location (only for Chiang Mai or Singapore) catered to your convenience and comfort level. I have even conducted initial coaching sessions in a travelling car with both parent and child before!

There are no closed doors, only unopened ones.

In my experience, I’ve faced countless rejections at the beginning but it’s okay. I can take it because I believe in what I’m doing and offering. If eventually your child still declines meeting me, I will respect his decision.

That said, something else that can be done for this equation is you as a parent. As parents, you need to understand that your teen may not be ready to work with me. Yet, I can still work with you as a parent first because I believe in systemic intervention. At the end of the day, parents still hold the key to unlocking some of these doors.

Are you ready to explore opening the door of your child’s heart?

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