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Hi Everyone! In this post, I'm sharing with everyone some exciting options where you can increase your level of competency, knowledge and skill as you continue to interact with youth in various settings as a professional social worker, youth worker, mentor or parent! So do read on below to see [...]

It’s TIME to STEP UP our KNOWLEDGE!2022-11-01T08:27:01+08:00

Media Interview on Building Resilience in Our Child

I was being interviewed on the subject of building resilience in our children. Source: Original article found here.   Recently I did an interview with the Straits Times on building resilience in our child and some of my thoughts were featured in that article. But I thought I [...]

Media Interview on Building Resilience in Our Child2022-10-19T17:24:56+08:00

Coaching Youths To Become Their Best Selves

Exploring Social, Emotional Intelligence and Development Navigating life on your own can be difficult and sometimes, it might help to have someone you can turn to for guidance. What is Youth Coaching Youth Coaching in its essence is someone that is trained to coach and guide teens and young adults [...]

Coaching Youths To Become Their Best Selves2022-05-31T08:53:04+08:00

Importance Of Mothers In Children’s Lives

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It is the one day a year when mothers are given a portion of the appreciation they deserve. We express our gratitude for all that they do and all that they contribute. Mothers are the most selfless people on the planet, beginning to [...]

Importance Of Mothers In Children’s Lives2022-05-12T16:29:24+08:00

What is supervision and why is it important in youth work?

   Picture from www.freepik.com What is supervision? Supervision is a common practice among professions that involve working with individuals and families. Herman (2012) defines supervision as a working practice and relationship whereby practitioners are supported by a supervisor to explore and address issues or concerns that may arise in their [...]

What is supervision and why is it important in youth work?2022-05-12T16:35:04+08:00

Improving Parent-Youth Relationships

Youth Coaching And Parents Involvement Parenting is hard as it is, coupled with navigating issues that adolescents might face? It is a very tough job. Some parents blame themselves and the whole experience can be mentally and physically taxing. Before we go on, I’d like to remind parents that it [...]

Improving Parent-Youth Relationships2022-05-12T16:37:21+08:00

Coaching Youth from the Rehabilitation System

Working with youth and their folks from institutional settings like adolescent homes and prison have shown me numerous important examples that I desire to impart to other professionals today. International Federation of Social Workers defines social work as a practice-based profession and an academic discipline that promotes social change and [...]

Coaching Youth from the Rehabilitation System2022-02-02T12:24:13+08:00

Supervision is SUPER – VISION???

Supervision for practitioners who work directly with clients is definitely something that can be done more. In my years of supervising staff and interns, I have had the privilege of listening to the challenges and struggles of these practitioners. So here are some of my inputs for the many practitioners [...]

Supervision is SUPER – VISION???2021-11-27T07:09:52+08:00

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